Monterey Bay Brittany's

Monterey Bay Brittany's Stud Service Contract

The Brittany stud dog: ________________________________________________________________
AKC# _________________________   DNA Profile _______________________

OFA# ___________________
Owned By: _______________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________

Was Bred to Brittany Bitch: __________________________________________
AKC# ___________________________   DNA Profile _____________________ 

OFA# __________________
Owned By: _______________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
On the Dates: ______________________________  As is Due to Whelp On

or About: ________________________________________________________

The Stud Service Fee is as follows: $ _______________, or will be fulfilled by

the selection of a puppy/puppies from the offspring of this mating as agreed to

by both parties.
In Detail: ________________________________________________________

The Stud Fees are Non-Refundable - The only guarantee is of the actual mating.

If the bitch fails to whelp, a return service will be made to the same dog

provided this stud is still in my possession, with a one (1) year limit for return

service. If this stud is not available for and reason, I reserve the right to mate

the bitch with one of my other stud dogs. If the bitch ownership changes, rights

to return service will be at the stud owner's option.

If a puppy is to be received, instead of a cash fee, I will make my choice of the

litter at six weeks of age. All pups from the litter must be present when I make

my choice. The rights to choice of litter are in no was affected by change of

ownership of the bitch or stud dog.

It is agreed that I am not obligated to sign the litter application until the stud

fee is paid in full, or puppy(s) are in my possession.

The bitch must be current on Vaccinations and deworming treatments.  Bitch

owner must provide, a copy of the bitch's AKC registration, pedigree, negative

Brucellosis test report and either OFA or Penn Hip certification prior to the time

of breeding. (photocopies are acceptable)

Two puppies constitutes a litter, I cancel a puppy choice if no pregnancy occurs

either time bred, or there are no living pups at 8 weeks. The bitch owner is res-

ponsible for any vet bills resulting in getting this bitch bred EE: smears, artificial

insemination etc.

All transportation charges must be paid by the bitch owner. Board will be char-

ged for any time exceeding one weeks stay at the stud dogs premises at the rate

of $5.00 per day.

The owner of the bitch agrees no puppies resulting from this breeding will be

sold at pet shops or other wholesale outlets, or donated  to auction.  I will refer

prospective buyers to the owner of the bitch as a courtesy.

Bitch owner agrees to keep the bitch confined and inaccessible from any other

male dogs from the beginning to the end of her heat cycle.

I agree to keep the bitch confined and inaccessible from any other male dogs

until she is returned to her owner.

There are no other terms of this contract unless filled in here and initialed by

both parties.

Stud Owner ___________________________________  Date _____________


Bitch Owner ___________________________________   Date ____________